SUMMARY: Ultra 10 video settings

From: Mike Barnett <>
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 11:20:53 EDT
The responses were great.
But, I have some investigation to do to see what is the best solution for
the system I have been asked to fix.

Thanks to everyone for their great ideas.
Daniel Luechtefeld
Hichael Morton
Sherman, Gary
Jonathan Hays
Santos, Ramiro
Catlin, Brian
Eric Priebe
Paul Greidanus
Larye Parkins
Osama Ahmed

I am paraphrasing these contributions.
But the first thing I was told to do is to make sure I know what the current
settings are, make sure I can telnet into the machine and su or connect a
dumb terminal to the tty port and su to root, BEFORE I try any of this. If
the new settings are wrong, I will need to go back and fix it.

Man pages for ffbconfig or m64config should be consulted.

# prtconf -F

or it might look something like this:

This shows you what adapter you4re using.

As you can see, I have an m64 adapter.

# m64config -prconf
--- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fbs/m640 ---
ASIC: version 0x7c004750
DAC: version 0x0
PROM: version 104
Card possible resolutions:  720x400x88, 640x480x60, 640x480x72, 640x480x75
        800x600x56, 800x600x60, 800x600x72, 800x600x75, 1024x768x87
        1024x768x60, 1024x768x70, 1024x768x75, 1280x1024x75, 1280x1024x60
        1152x900x66, 1152x900x76, 1280x1024x67, 1280x800x76, 1280x1024x85
        1280x1024x76, 1152x864x75, vga, svga, 1152, 1280, 800x600
        1024x768, 1280x1024, 1152x900
Monitor possible resolutions:  720x400x70, 720x400x88, 640x480x60
        640x480x67, 640x480x72, 640x480x75, 800x600x56, 800x600x60
        800x600x72, 800x600x75, 832x624x75, 1024x768x60, 1024x768x70
        1024x768x75, 1280x1024x75, 1152x870x75, 1152x900x66, 1152x900x76
        1280x1024x67, 1280x1024x76, vga, svga, 1152, 1280, 800x600
        1024x768, 1280x1024, 1152x900
Possible depths:  8, 24
Current resolution setting: 1280x1024x76
Current depth: 8

Also, if you run /usr/dt/bin/xwininfo, then click on the background of the
CDE display, it will tell you what you are set at.  As you can see above,
I'm at 8 bit color depth (the default).

This is great!
Look at the possible renderings I can use!

Here is the tricky part. Make sure you can go back and fix this if this
doesn't work.
Here are some tests.

# m64config -res 1152x900x76 -depth 24

# m64config -res 1024x768x77 -depth 24

Once you are happy with the results, you can always fix the file

========== cut after this line ==========


class="XSCREENCONFIG" name="SUNWm640"

========== Stop cutting at the above line ==========================

You will have to restart the X server to make it take effect. (Rebooting

WARNING (once again): Before using it, use the m64config -prconf and -propt
to make sure your hardware supports the modes shown. Failure to do so can
damage the hardware.

Thanks, everyone!
Mike Barnett

--- Original posting ---

I have a user complaining about the "look" of the GUI interface and the web
browser (Netscape 4.7 for Solaris) and wants to set up the display with
something like 256 colors.
Are there some recommended settings to enhance Sun Ultra 5 and 10
running Solaris 2.8?
Another video card is right out.
And the desktop settings don't seem to deliver what he wants.

Thanks for any input.

Mike Barnett
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