SUMMARY: Fabric Configuration of Sun PCI Dual FC Card (X6727)

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 15:05:54 EDT
I was on the right track after all... Found out that the reason I am not
seeing my tape LUN's is that the wronfg FC cable was connected to the X6727.
And it is indeed possible to have 1 port going out as LOOP and the other as
Fabric - And the nice thing about this is the default qla2200.conf does not
need to be changed. On my V880, I used Port 1 of the X6727 internal
connections for dual pathing my internal disks and use port 2 (external) for
connecting to my Tape SAN via a Brocade switch. 

Here's the process:

1. Remove SUNWqlc & SUNWqlcx (rem_drv qlc)
2. Obtain QLA2200.Z from Qlogic's web site, uncompress
3. pkgadd QLA2200 package and select QLA2200-3 (the Solaris 8 version)
4. add_drv -c scsi -i '"pci1077,4082" "pci1077,2200"' -n qla2200
4a. remove instaces of ql* from /etc/path_to_inst
5. reboot -- -r  (var/adm/messages should show the dicsovered WWN's ...)
6. disks and tapes oth fabric and loop attached should now be visible
7. With VM32 (there's a step you need to do to enable multi-pathing...)
8. if needed customise your /kernel/drv/qla2200.conf to suite your needs

After this, you're no longer able to use luxadm commands however but sure
allows you to have both fabric and loop connectivity per instance which the
Sun drivers do not allow???

With this solution is a question - since I am not using Sun's drivers for
the on-board ISP chip (to control the internal FC loop) as well as the X6727
- would Sun support this kind of environment?

Thanks to some of you who gave pointers...


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> List:
> Anyone out there willing to lend me a snippet of their qla2200.conf file
> that illustrates Fabric connection? I am trying to use this card with the
> QLogic Drivers (QLZ2200-3 for Solaris 8) to connect to a Brocade 2800 and
> on to my tape devices. I have been successful so far with replacing Sun's
> SUNWqlc and SUNWqlcx drivers and I am already able to see my V880 internal
> FCloop disks via the on-board Qlogic chip or the add-on X6727 PCI card.
> Any help, tips will be greatly appreciated and I will certainly summarize.
> Thanks.
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