SUMMARY NTP configuration

From: Kale, Nandkishor <>
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 05:39:23 EDT

Thanks to following managers for improving my knowledge..

Jay Lessert 
Tim Chipman 
system administration account
Michael Hocke 
Hendrik Visage 
Larry Snyder 
and ofcourse Casper Dik 

Everybody said Internal time on "all" systems is set to the UTC (aka GMT,
Zulu) and the systems report the time in local time depending on TZ variable
set in /etc/TIMEZONE. Also all NTP servers provide "correct universal
reference time" not local time as I thought.

Special thanks to Jay Lessert [] who gave the following
additional info.

On Solaris, you set the local timezone for the system with a line in
/etc/default/init, like:

    TZ=US/Pacific   That entry is *really* just a pointer to a file:

    % ls -l /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/US/Pacific
    -rw-r--r--  3 root  1000 Jan  8  2000 /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/US/Pacific

Solaris doesn't compile all zone files by default, so you might have to
compile it first:

    % sudo zic /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/src/australasia
    % (setenv TZ Pacific/Norfolk; date; date -u)
    Tue Apr 23 05:10:35 NFT 2002
    Mon Apr 22 17:40:35 GMT 2002

I compiled with zic for asia and set my TZ to Asia/Calcutta with my internal
NTP server and rebooted. Now my system is set to IST with correct time of

> Hi,
> I have a internal NTP server but its Time zone is US central time. I would
> like to know how can I set my system time to 11:30 Hrs ahead of the
> NTP server.
> I am not sure if this is possible, also  I could not get any server for my
> time zone which is GMT+530 Hrs.

Best Regards,
Nand Kale
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