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From: Doug S Johnson <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 13:43:32 EDT
Most everyone suggested using pkginfo, but that still leaves compiled 
stuff and I`ll have to do some hunting around in some directories to find 
everything or most everything. Replies I received below.  Many thanks.

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>         Is there any way to list all software installed on a machine 
> Solaris 7 or 8.  I know I can start admintool and browse to software but
> that appears to only be software from the install CD and things that 
> installed with pkgadd (Which file is read here?? I'd like to print it). 
> know there are things in /opt that aren't listed in admintool.
>         I might be out of luck for a complete list, but I want to be as
> precise as possible.  Need to provide a list for my security folks for
> quite a few machines.
>         There were a few folks before me and nothing was really
> documented.  Thanks.
>  Doug


pkginfo will list all pkg format installed packages .
anything you compiled on your own will not be listed ;-(


For a listing of anything added via the package system:
(Easier than admintool, at least IMO).

For things not in the package system, you're probably stuck cataloging 
yourself.  There's no standard way to do it.  I guess I'd look in all the
'bin' directories - /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/openwin/bin,
/usr/dt/bin, and anything under /opt ... and the sbin directories...
and some stuff could even be in /usr/libexec?

Heck, people stick stuff anywhere.  The stuff we have at my company is all
in /usr/local/pkg/{package_name} and then there's symlinks from the files
under there into /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib, and so forth.


Mark Mcmanus
Look at pkginfo. It can list all of the software installed using pkgadd, 
has a number of switches (check the man page). There really is no way to
list software installed by compiling the source. The best would be to give 
listing of the files in /opt and /usr/local


Rainer Heilke
pkginfo -l will list all packages install with pkgadd. The file this uses
is /var/sadm/install/contents

Otherwise you will need to use find. Perhaps you can diff this output from
/var/sadm/install/contents ???

Good luck...




pkginfo | grep -v system | grep -v ALE | grep -v CTL


The pkginfo utility will list out packages installed on your system - use 
with the "-l"
flag to list "long" contents ....



Dan Lowe

try pkginfo without any argument. I think this gives you the same list as
the full list in admintool.

You can only list the software installed with pkgadd in this way; anything
done with make install or other installation scripts will not place a 
in a central location.

admintool probably uses pkginfo, which reads the contents of the
/var/sadm/pkg directory.

John Riddoch

this makes a list

pkginfo > /tmp/pkginfo.lst
Richard Eisenman
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