SUMMARY: How to recover System from tape

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Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 04:23:16 EDT
Dear All,
I got reply from following peoples. Thanks to
erveryone. Special Thanks to Pierre as he gave me the
solution which exaclty i was looking.

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Here i am giving summary of my question : 
If anyone finds that i am missing something in this
procedure then pl. let me know

My Original question was 
I am using Netra T1 whcih is having 2 internal disks.
Solaris 2.8 is installed. By using Solsitce DiskSuite
disk1 is mirrored on disk2. 
I am regularly taking backup of /, var, usr, 
export/home, data volume.
If my boot disk failes and before i change my boot 
disk mirror disk also fails. 
Then will take following stapes 
1. Replaced disk.
2. boot cdrom -s 
2. Created partition 
3. Restored data from tape 
Now questions 
1. what will be the status of my Solstice DiskSuite 
after restoring data from tape? 
2. Will i need to install Solstice DiskSuite again? 
3. Is there any other way or what steps should i take
to store my Solstice DiskSuite? 

Answer : 

After installing or before installing SDS update your
md.db file for recovery. Make entries of your
metadatabase in /etc/lvm/ like 

mddb01 -c 2 c0t0d0s3 c1t1d0s3
(mddb01 is the name of your meta databases)

After instalation add your files to
cat /etc/lvm/ >> /etc/lvm/

Now if ur system crashesh, you recover your system
from tape,

After you recover your original system from tape. 
You disable disksuite by moving your original (dsk)
vfstab back 
and comment the following lines in /etc/system the 
* rootdev:/pseudo/md@0:0,0,blk
* set md:mddb_bootlist1

now you can reboot it by disk to single user mode

1. metadb -a -f mddb01	(To create Database)
2. metainit -a -f	(this creates the meta devices)
3. metaroot d10	(this sets the root device entry in
4. vi /etc/vfstab   (Add lines to mount metadevices)
5. reboot	(this should load the disksuite drivers and
meta devices)
5. metatach 	(to sync the mirrors, do it with every
meta device)
6. metastat	(To check the synchonisation)

Thanks & Regards
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