summary: Port prob

From: Stallings Mark E SSgt 53 CSS/SCN <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 21:58:48 EDT
 thanks for all the responses.  too many names to list but appreciate them
all.  every mentioned using lsof or netstat -a.  the problem here ended up
being that i had two versions of snmp running so they were both trying to
use the same port.  i removed the one and now it is fine.  thanks again.


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From: Stallings Mark E SSgt 53 CSS/SCN
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Subject: Port prob

How do i find out what process is using a certain port.  I keep getting
errors that Bind is failing on my port and that the address is already
use.  I checked etc/services and nothing else is assigned to the port.
will summarize

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