Summary: Webstart Flash Archive Installation Claims Failure

From: Ivan Fetch <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 13:32:43 EDT
   First I'd like to re-state my original problem (hopefully more simply)
and then the solution.  When performing a jumpstart installation of
Solaris 8 (02/02) using a flash archive, the install would appear to
extract the entire archive yet the install would fail as follows:
> .....
>         Extracted  462.00 MB ( 99% of  462.13 MB archive)
>         Extracted  462.13 MB (100% of  462.13 MB archive)
> ERROR: Could not stop the extraction
> ERROR: Could not extract Flash archive
> ERROR: System installation failed
> #

   Although if I rebooted the machine myself everything seemed ok, I new
that the install still had to do some additional configuration and
cleanup, and I was concerned that it was seeming to fail.
   Initially I thought that my problem was strictly to do with my Solaris
jumpstart image because I was able to successfully install flash archives
when using the Solaris CD-ROM directly vs. using an install image created
by setup_install_server.  IT turns out that the problems I was having were
due to media issues of some kind - New Sol8 02/02 CDs create a wonderfully
working jumpstart install image now.  Also, when I had performed the
install using the CD directly, I had also made changes to my jumpstart
profile (oops, changed too many variables at once)!
   Unfortunately I discovered that my flash archive installations would
still fail as above when ever I had lines in my jumpstart profile
indicating that filesystems should be mounted via nfs:
filesys nfs-server-name:/usr/local - /usr/local
   I determined that the apparent reason why the filesys lines involving
NFS were causing the flash install to crash, were that my file systems
(i.e. /usr/local) were shared read-only.  I'm not sure why this really is
an issue, but changing /etc/dfs/dfstab on the server (and running
shareall) to:
share -F nfs -o rw=sunlab:servers /usr/local
   Solves the problem - The flash archive installs correctly, the rest of
the install (configuring of /etc/hosts, vfstab, Etc) continues, and the
machine reboots and all is well.  I guess I can't share /usr/local
read-only <??> but at least root can't write to /usr/local from the
workstations, and no other users will have permissions to do so anyhow.

   Thanks to those who replied to my earlier messages, I appreciate it.

Ivan Fetch.
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