From: Andres Tarallo (CHASQUE) <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 11:43:05 EDT
About a month ago I've asked for information about the disk array
stated in the subject. Many of you answered and this is a summary of
your answers. Thanks all of you

		Andris Tarallo


The OSM3000-SD2 is know as RSM-214 disk tray, with this model number
you can find more information in SUNSOLVE or you can also check

These trays are HV (High Voltage) Differential SCSI, you'll need
the OSM3000-SD2 is better known as an RSM-214 disk tray.  These trays
are Differential SCSI... so they won't talk to any of the built in
SCSI devices on a Sun workstation or Sun Enterprise I/O boards.

You will need to procure a (High Voltage as opposed to a LVD)
Differential SCSI adapter, you can get from SUN part number 370-2433
(SBUS) or 375-0006 (PCI), in intel equipment a good choice is Adaptec

The disks inside the adapter are Single ended with standard SCA
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