Parcial Summary #2: Webstart Flash Archive Installation Claims Failure

From: Ivan Fetch <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 01:21:56 EDT
   Here are some more updates on the problem (see below for my indinitial
parcial summary).  The problem turned out to be two-fold: There were
problems of some kind with our Solaris8 02/02 media - It does not make
total sense, but running setup_install_server from different media created
an jumpstart install image which could successfully be used to install a
flash archive (who knows why using the Tools/Boot directory right from
the bad CD workked though).  This has enabled me to discover a second
point of failure, which is that when ever I have a filesys line in my jumpstart profile
which specifies an NFS filesystem, the flash archive installation still
bombs out (as indicated below).  The NFS server is properly registered in
the hosts NIS map and in DNS.  IF I take out the filesys lines dealing
with NFS the flash archive installs perfectly, using my jumpstart install
image (unfortunately on reboot I have no NFS filesystems of course).
   My profile is as follows:
install_type	flash_install
archive_location nfs
partitioning	explicit
filesys	rootdisk.s0 4096 /
filesys	rootdisk.s1 512 swap
Filesys rootdisk.s3 1024 /var
filesys /usr/local
filesys /masterlab

   Thanks to the following folks for replying:
   Kanchan Wadhwa <>: who told me about some
difficulties experienced with /usr on separate partitions
   G W Cantello <glenn@merlin.fpp.nuclear.Hydro.ON.CA>: who explained how
he had touched files and created directories under /export in order to not
have to have a full install image to do a jumpstart instal
   Osama Ahmed <>: who verified for me the proper share
line for /export/install

   I'd like to hear from anyone out there who is doing successful flash
archive installs withSolaris8 02/02 and NFS file systems, or especially
those who have heard of or run into the same problem I'm having (where use
of "filesys server:path - path" causes flash install to fail).

Thanks very much for all of your help,
Ivan Fetch.

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Ivan Fetch wrote:

> Hello,
>    Osama Ahmed <> reminded me that he had emailed the
> list a while ago about a simelar problem extracting compressed archives.
>    Even when attempting to install a non-compressed flash archive, I still
> got the same error messages (see my original post below).  At long last the
> problem has been narrowed down to the jumpstart install image (created
> from running setup_install_server from the Sol8 02/02 DVD).  More specifically, if I
> set (in bootparams) root=/cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot things work
> fine (the flash archive installs, even if compressed); if I set
> root=/export/install/Tools/Boot (which uses my jumpstart install image
> created by setup_install_server) the flash archive install fails.
>    I tried this using an jumpstart install image from Sol8 04/01 also,
> with the same results (failure).
>    Does anyone have an idea why using the boot directory right off of the
> DVD would allow me to install a flash archive, but using a boot directory
> created via "setup_install_server /export/install" from the same DVD fails
> when installing flash archives?
> Thanks,
> Ivan Fetch.
> ----- original post -----
> Hello to all,
>    I began messing around with WebStart Flash Archive installations
> today
> (which is really nice because it only takes 13 minutes to do what takes
> 45
> minutes via a standard jumpstart installation where packages are
> extracted
> and installed).  While the installation appears to succeed (I can reboot
> the machine and it works thus far) I do get the following error at the
> end
> of the install:
>         Extracted  462.00 MB ( 99% of  462.13 MB archive)
>         Extracted  462.13 MB (100% of  462.13 MB archive)
> ERROR: Could not stop the extraction
> ERROR: Could not extract Flash archive
> ERROR: System installation failed
> #
>    Has anyone seen this before?
>    I'm installing a flash archive via jumpstart, of Solaris 8 02/02.
> Thanks for any input/suggestions,
> Ivan Fetch.
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