SUMMARY: Installing a D1000

From: Lin Feng <>
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 15:13:47 EDT

Thanks to the following folks for their quick and insightful tip: 
Darren Dunham, Peter Stokes, Craig Scott, Steve Camp, David Fung, 
Price Chris and Matthew Stier.

The problem is with network card. The SYM22801 is single-ended, but
I need an SYM22802 HVD (Hight Voltage Differential) Card.

Thanks all very much.

Original msg:> 

Just got a D1000 and has a lot of trouble installing it. The info I 
found in the archives did not resolve my problem. The installation and 
service manaual was not much help. The host is a Ultra 10 with a 
SYM22801 SCSI card. I set the SCSI ID to 5 on the D1000 and did a "boot -r".  
/var/adm/messages has the following msg (partial). I have never the the 
FDDI stuff before. Yes, I did check the cables a few times. The format 
command still does not see the disks.
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