SUMMARY: DiskSuite vs. Veritas

From: Lin Feng <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 16:34:50 EDT

Thanks so such to the following forks for their insightful information:
  Farouk Khawaja   
  Octave Orgeron   
  Jay Lessert   
  Tim Chipman   
  Jay Lessert   
  Kevin Buterbaugh   
  Thomas Knox  
  Steve Mickeler   
  John Malick  
  Thomas Knox   

The key points:

o Sun is continuing with the devlopment of DiskSuit.
o DiskSuite will become standard part of Solaris 9. It
  will be renamed to Solaris Volumn Manager (SVM).
o For non-database environments, DiskSuite works as 
  well as Veritas, but a lot cheater.
o Veritas is free on Sun A5000, A5200, but not the
  A1000 or D1000.
o Here is a great link provided by Mike:

Thanks a lot guys,
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