SUMMARY: Jumpstart Install Sol 8 ERROR: could not open file

From: Surbeck Glen GS7 868CS/SCYMC <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 09:02:00 EDT
After receiving messages from several persons regarding the Sol 8 problem I
had I looked at the summary I sent and discovered I left out part of the
summary, which is to go to sun solve  online and retrieve "SRDB ID: 22979".
These documents give a detailed explination and instructions to fix the
problem. I have installed Sol 8 on several more boxes with no problems from
the install.

I am sorry about the error.


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Subject: SUMMARY: Jumpstart Install Sol 8 ERROR: could not open file
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:35:05 -0600
From: "Surbeck Glen GS7 868CS/SCYMC" <>
To: <>

Very sorry to have taken so long to reply.
Kevin Amorin's answer seems to cover the problem (his paragraph 2.).
I'm going to rebuild jumpstart and try again.
Thanks, thanks thanks.....

	Same issue happened for me, this link


"   1. You don't have an entry in your install station for the system
you are installing.  Easy one to debug and fix.
    2. This one is trickier.  Your miniroot (Solaris_XX/Tools/Boot)
may be buggered.  Specifically, the file Tools/Boot/etc/inet/hosts may
have been clobbered from a symbolic link to the desired host file
(../../tmp/root/etc/inet/hosts) into a real file with entries for
localhost and the first installed system to overwrite the file.  This
can happen if you're doing installs over the network and you had the
directory NFS shared read-write (rw) instead of read-only (ro).  The
weird thing is this will work just fine for the first system you
install (it's hostname info gets put in the file) and then it will
fail for all other installs with the error you saw.  To fix this you
need to repair your Tools/Boot miniroot... you can try to find all the
files that got mangled or just cpio in a whole new miniroot from a
known good copy.

    -FF  (

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