SUMMARY: ongoing printer error

From: Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC) <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 15:32:58 EDT
original post below:

I only had one suggestion - from Lars Hecking - but what I ended up doing
was to:

1) provide an alias to an existing hp650 to accomodate the "unknown printer"
name chp650c on my print server
2) create a network printer on server03 to point to my print server for that
3) cancelled the print jobs qued up to the chp650c (there ended up being 5
of them - and nope, I never did find where server03 was keeping them)
4) removed the alias on my print server
5) deleted the network printer on server03
6) cross my fingers that the application programmer that has the chp650c
printer coded into his/her program has fixed it (I sent out an email to the
developers group, so maybe they have - reckon I'll find out in the near

Ron D


I have an on-going printer error message in /var/adm/messages that I have
been unable to track down and hope someone will have an idea as to where
else to look.  This error message is spawning every minute, so needless to
say, it's creating a fairly large messages file.

Apr 19 00:59:04 server03 bsd-gw[16854]: [ID 937800 lpr.error] request to
chp650c (unknown printer) from workstation22 
Apr 19 01:00:04 server03 bsd-gw[16968]: [ID 937800 lpr.error] request to
chp650c (unknown printer) from workstation22 

 1) server03 has no printers defined - it's an Oracle database server
 2) chp650c is now a defunct plotter (was disconnected and removed several
months ago)
 3) workstation22 does not have chp650c defined

what I've done up to now:
 1) examined workstation22 for a printjob for this printer/plotter
     (looked in /var/spool/lp, /var/spool/lp/tmp, /var/spool/print)
     (ran find / -name chp650c)
 2) examined server03 for a printjob for this printer/plotter
     (looked in /var/spool/lp, /var/spool/lp/tmp, /var/spool/print)
     (looked in /temp, /tmp)
     (ran hpjetadmin to ensure printer/plotter was not defined)
     (looked in /etc/printers.conf - not there)
     (ran admintool and browsed printers - not there)
     **I didn't expect to find the plotter in any of these since the error
msg states "unknown printer", but checked them anyway
 3) ran lpshut on server03 since it's not a print server
 4) restarted lpsched and ran lpstat -t (no print jobs are pending)
 5) ran ps -ef | grep lp - nothing
 6) /etc/lp/printers is empty

Does anyone have any other ideas on where to look for this print job so I
can eliminate it?


Ron D
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