SUMMARY: ImageMagick

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 10:58:33 EDT
Well, here's the summary for this.  Five people answered. They are (in no
particular order):

Mika Tuupola []
Alexandre Perematko []
Giardina Marina []
Michael Sullivan []
Alexandre Perematko []

Two of them suggested I just download the binaries from the ImageMagic web

Unfortunately, the web site has only binaries for the SPARC, not Intel.  A
couple others suggested I compile it on my own.  I tried that but didn't get
very far.  Alexandre offered to send it to me, but that would be hard since
it's ~50 MB.  Michael gave me his notes for compiling, which helped some,
but there were still some problems compiling.  I ended finding the package
on the Software Companion from Sun.  I downloaded that and it worked just

Thanks for all the help, you guys!


Original Post:

Hi Gurus.

Has anybody got ImageMagick on Solaris for Intel to compile?  Or even
better, know of a binary package somewhere?  This is for Solaris 8, fully
patched PC.  It has 128 MB RAM, ATI video card in 1152x864 video mode (if
that matters).  I've got GNU tools to compile it and the latest 5.6 perl.
Thanks for any help!

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