SUMMARY: sendmail and attachments

From: Darryl Pace <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 14:21:51 EDT
	Thanks for the quick responses.  Those I received are
immediately below.  My original email is below that.
Response #1:
You need a mail client program like elm or pine, which either works with
or has embedded the mimencode program.  If you are planning to automate
a mail attachment process, then elm is a better choice, as it uses an
[include] statement in the body of the mail to generate the MIME
protocol headers and encoded message body.

Larye D. Parkins

Response #2 (from Stephen Michaels, Frank Smith and Tim Evans):
Use the mpack utility. It's available on

Response #3 (from Blaine Owens):
Use uuencode:
uuencode filename | mailx -s "Subject" user

Response #4 (from Lars Hecking):
sendmail is a mail transport agent, it doesn't care about the content
of email.

 If you bother to do a serach on Google groups, you'll find that this
question is asked and probably answered several times every day!


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	Is it possible, using sendmail, to send files as attachments and
not as a plain text portion of the body of the email.  All of my
experience with sendmail has been using a plain text body.  Are
attachments possible, and if so, how?
	Thanks, and will summarize. 

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