Summary: Jumpstarting Netra X1's

From: <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 11:22:42 EDT
Getting images of the 02/02 release Solaris 8 CD's and rebuilding the
install image took care of this.  Thanks to all who responded.

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I'm having some trouble jumpstarting some Netra X1's and was hoping you
guys might have some ideas.

I  made a new install image from a 10/01 version of the Solaris 8 CD's on
my jumpstart server.  However, when I tried to run the install for the
patches for the Netras ( from mis[1].netra-x1.259-3836-03), I get the

   root@hawaii:/var/tmp/netra-x1# ./modify_install_server.netra
   -- Running modify_install_server (259-3836-03), started at Tue Apr 16
   12:49:34 CD
   T 2002
   Log file in /tmp/modify_install_server.26769
   Modifying Solaris 8 install image
   Source data from /var/tmp/netra-x1/archive.Z

   Unpacking /var/tmp/netra-x1/archive.Z in
   [a bunch of periods here]
   52451 blocks

   sc/packagetoc info to
   sc/order info to
   sed: -e expression #1, char 12: Unterminated `s' command
   ./modify_install_server.netra[2]: 1: Missing name
   -- Finished modify_install_server, completed at Tue Apr 16 12:49:52 CDT
   2002, sta
   tus 0

And (I'm guessing) since this failed, the Netras won't jumpstart.  They get

      Cannot load drivers for /pci@if,0/ethernet@c
      Can't load the root filesystem
      Type 'go' to resume
      ok go
      (Can't load tod module) Program terminated

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  (Feel free to reply
directly)  Thanks.

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