SUMMARY[2]: uninstall software

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 10:56:04 EDT
After my first summary, lots more replies come in...and basically, more
innovative ways to manage your software installation...

- use depot or GNU stow to manage software installation
- install software(s) in /usr/local/<package> or /opt/<package>
  create softlinks to /usr/local/bin or where the orignal installation
  supposed to be...don't forget any libraries if needed to.

  ie. /opt/apache1.3 (do ln -s) if you install apache2.0 then it goes to
  /opt/apache2.0 (unlink /opt/apache1.3 do appropriate soft link for 2.0)
  and remove /opt/apache1.3 if you don't need it (but it might be a good
  idea to keep around a bit longer in case 2.0 doesn't work out, and safe
  to relink /opt/apache1.3 and use it)

Thanks to Ivan Fetch, Martin Schmitt, system administrator, Martynas Buozis,
Thomas Anders, ed.rolison@itc.als, and Giardina Marina.

- Mike
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