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Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 19:07:04 EDT
Thanks all for the quick reply.  As a note, I tried to list as much names
as possible, since we're in a profession where when things work and run
smoothly nobody gives a damn (or know who you are) and when things break,
everyone knows who to call.  ok, I think everyone heard the line above
before ;) so it's nice to be recognize when things don't break...

Michael Sullivan, Steve Mickeler, Thien Vu, JESSE TRUCKS, Gaziz Nugmanov,
Larry Snyder, Fabrice Guerini, Dave S., and Jay Lessert.

Most recommends looking at the Makefile and/or try the below...and agrees
that it's NOT TOO PRETTY when attempting to uninstall software, manual
uninstall/removing files.

make uninstall  (see if it's available)
make clean      (see if it's available)
make distclean  (see if it's available)
make -n install (and do the opposite)

Steve Mickeler  (cool idea!!!, let the script do the work)
Another option is to edit the install script and change instances of cp or
mv to rm and then run 'make install' and have it remove the files.

Jesse Trucks (good practice)
recommended building packages and the article below is from him.

I probably doing the removing by hand manually for now...

- Mike

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Mike's List wrote:

> How do you uninstall software? (from ./configure make make install, etc.)
> I mean uninstalling the package is quite simple pkgrm SMCosslc, etc. but
> what about the other installation method from source?  Thanks.
> - Mike
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