Summary: Sun Fire 280R how to Disable ttya

From: Kathy Ange <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 15:44:05 EDT
First many thanks to
Craig Scott  and
Sean Berry 

While I was waiting for help and being the impatient
and single threaded person I am, when confronted with
a challenge, the light bulb went off and I decided to
try ttyb.  It worked just fine, so something must be
different with a Sun Fire 208R ttya.  

However both Craig and Sean suggested I try ttyb and
pointed out that ttya was my console port and I
probable didn't want to use it for a UPS.  Following
are their actual responses, thanks guys I really
appreciated it.

Craig Scott
Do you have a graphics card in your 280R and a
keyboard and mouse attached? If not the 280R will
attempt to use /dev/ttya as the serial console on
boot. Maybe better to use /dev/ttyb for powerchute.
Not 100% sure but if you use ttya for powerchute and
in doing so disable the port you won't be able to
attach a serial console to server in the event of a
graphics card failure or a boot failure where you need
to start the server with the key in diagnostics mode
where all output is sent to ttya. 

Sean Berry said
ttya is probably your console port. can you use ttyb?

Original question
Hi Gurus

Is their something special about the serial port on a
Sun Fire 280R?  I am trying to install APC PowerChute
software and step one is to disable the serial port. I
used admintool to disable serial port ttya on our Sun
Fire 280R.  The serial port is disabled, and set to
these options, Initialize Only, Software Carrier and
created utmp Entry.  This setup is the same as our
E250 which is working.  When I installed the software
I received the below message

 WARNING: Could not communicate with device on
Check that the communications cable is attached
properly to both the device and the serial port.
NOTE: Though the PowerChute Plus for UNIX installation
is complete, if you  quit before verifying
communications, the application may not work properly
Do you wish to Exit or Retry communications? [R/E]

I have tried everything I know

Also, now when I boot the system with the cable
connect to the UPS, it appears to come up, however I
nothing appears on my console.  Which is part of a KVM
switch, but that should matter.  I must have changed
something as it booted fine with the cable connected
when I installed the software.

I have searched the archives, google and also opened a
ticket with APC but still can't seem to get this to

Any help would be appreciated and I will summarize
Thanks in advance

Kathy Ange
Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Information Systems
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