SUMMARY: Server with 1 NIC - poor bandwidth Connecting to Dual-N IC'd Servers on CISCO Vlan's

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 08:25:07 EDT
Many thanks to the initial responses and the nice ndd scripts.

Setting the ports to non-autonegotiate is actually what we have. What
strikes us is communication between the single NIC'd servers are okay. It is
only when a single NIC'd server communicates with a server that has dual
interfaces that the performance is degraded. Netstat on the servers come out
clean - port stats on the CISCO also come out clean (according to our
brilliant NetAds...)



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> We've two types of Servers (all Solaris 8 and flavours of qfe, hme, eri
> NICS):
> GroupA - 1 network interface on NetA which are ports on a large CISCO as
> GroupB - 2 network Interfaces NetA and NetB, Among GroupB servers - NetB
> is used via static routes among them
>               NetB is a VLAN on the large CISCO switch as well and is
> intended as private LAN for backups, etc.
> Situation:
> Servers on type GroupA (1 NIC) when communicating with Servers on GroupB
> (2 NICs) using NetA suffers very poor thougput (and vice versa).
> Interserver communications with GroupB are okay (within NetB).
> Out NetAdmins claim that the ports on their CISCO match those on our Sun's
> --- autoneg, duplicity, speed, etc.
> And they have not beenable to ascertain what is wrong. Where should we be
> looking? Or  we do not have good calibre CISCO Netads?
> Thanks.
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