SUMMARY : Clock sticking problem with Ultra 5 / Solaris 2.7

From: alex dyas <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 04:05:06 EDT

Thanks to all who replied to my original question :

 > We've been having problems with the clock on said box for the last few
 > days.  It appears that the time (as reported by the date command and
 > as reported by applications running on the machine) is actually
 > getting stuck, ie seconds do not increment.  Setting the time using
 > date sometimes gets it going again, but not for very long.
 > Very odd.  Everything else about the machine seems fine, we've had
 > 180+ days uptime on it.  Someone suggested maybe a battery problem?

All responses suggested hardware failure, though probably not the 
battery (this may have been the case if the machine was loosing time 
once switched off).  One person also suggested a possible NTP problem. 
We ruled this out by turning NTP off.

We've swapped the machine out for a new one and all seems to be fine 
again.  I will post a followup if we ever pinpoint exactly what the 
problem was.


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