SUMMARY: Selling sudo to management

From: Bill Voight <>
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 13:35:08 EDT
Sports fans,

First, let me thank all those who replied.  I started out with individual emails, but I got so many reasoned and well thought out responses that I'll do it here

Here are points submitted, all of which I'll take into account when I make my pitch (Note to Cian O'Sullivan- if it's successful, I'll try to remember to send you all the bs I spread to get the go ahead).  I've put these points into my own words.

1.  A frequent management objection is that sudo's free- hence no support.

2.  Sudo can be used in NIS and NIS+environments (not a factor here, but it could become one).

3.  Sudo can be used to give users the ability to do limited tasks without having to go through an administrator.

4.  Sudo's logging is comprehensive and should sell well to management.

5.  Sudo's user_alias can be used tor access management.

6.  Sudo's activity logging capabilities allow you to track usage of the privelege- thereby further controlling it.

7.  Forcing everyone to use sudo might make them think before using the command (man, that'd be a new one!).

Again, thanks to all who responded.

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