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From: Destry Miller/SF <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 20:20:45 EDT
The original question was:

>I've inherited some 420's that have been setup with a minimal install, and our developers 
>can't install iPlanet LDAPS on it because it's missing /usr/lib/
>I've tried installing SUNWlibC, SUNWlibCx, SUNWlibCf from the Solaris 8 cd, but no joy. 
>It's not listed in pkgmap for those packages. My understanding is it's part of the CDS++ 
>runtime package, but I could be wrong. 
>So... Could someone tell me the correct package that has and where I can get it?

The quick answer is the machine didn't have the lastest patches for SUNWlibC (108434-06 and 109147-15) which provided We ran into additional problems, but putting on the latest 8_Recommended solved those problems as well.

Casper Dik was first under the wire with the correct answer. Additional thanks to Mark Hargrave, Peter Kunst, Charles Homan, The' V. Tran, Laurinda Chamberlin, Andrew J Caines, David Markowitz, Cian O'Sullivan, Serguei Borkov, Scott Weil, Nand Kale, Jonas Blåberg, Thomas Anders, 

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