SUMMARY: Spammers monitoring this list

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 05:04:37 EDT
Hi again,

Most people who responded thought the spammers would rather get email
addresses by browsing the list archives.  Maybe the archives can be
password protected and list subscribers be given a password?

Others suggested there are too few addresses on this list and so does not
make it worth the while.  I am sure the spammers would suggest there
"collecting" system to as many mail lists as possible.

Note to those who have never posted and never received spam - My idea was
that the spammers would get your address by monitoring list traffic.

Many people also suggested I install anti-spam software.  That I can not do
since I am not in control of our MTAs.


P.S. My spelling-checker thinks "Spammers" should be "Shammers"....

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