SUMMARY: Need help running a cmd containing double-quotes via a v ariable

From: John Herlihy <>
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 18:37:30 EDT
to those who suggested running the variable as:
eval $SAVE
Thank you - this got it working correctly.

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Subject: Need help running a cmd containing double-quotes via a variable


I'm writing a ksh script that calls the Legato Networker save command in a
variable, but I'm having trouble getting save to see the browse & retention
variables. After a bit more investigation, I found that the same things
happen for native unix commands such as tar:

TAR="tar cvf /tmp/blah.tar \"/etc/hosts\" /var/adm/messages 
echo $TAR 
tar cvf /tmp/blah.tar "/etc/hosts" /var/adm/messages 

This returns these messages when run: 
tar: can't change directories to "/etc: No such file or directory 
a /var/adm/messages 1K 

So the first file, /etc/hosts, failed to backup with a similar problem to
the save command. I've tried this in csh with the same errors.

Here's the Legato SAVE variable I'm using: 

SAVE="save -s nw_svr -l full -i -q -b BACKUPPOOL -w \"5 weeks\" -y \"5

When I echo the variable, it is shown as: 
save -s nw_svr -l full -i -q -b BACKUPPOOL -w "5 weeks" -y "5 weeks" 

BUT when I run it, I get the error: 
save: invalid browse time:  "5 

At a glance, it appears that the backslash causes it to not read the rest of
the variable when there is a space or a forward slash (ie /) seperating the
contents of the double-quotes. (???)

Does anyone know how to allow a command that contains double-quotes to be
successfully called from a unix variable? 


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