SUMMARY: SunFire V100 memory ???

From: Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 18:25:55 EDT
Answer is SDRAM PC133 CL3 ECC registered.

Thank's to these guys:

Tim Chipman <>


"Henrik Huhtinen" <>


PC-133 ECC Registered will do. For instance the following kingston
modules will fit (see their web for more).

KTS7091/256  256MB Module  $172.00
KTS7091/512  512MB Module  $336.00

"Mike's List" <>

for -> Servers --> Sun --> Netra X1 and look at the
specs there.

"Timothy Lorenc" <>

I have some SunFire's order through CDW that I ordered with:

Memory Upgrades
Memory Sub-System: System Memory
Module Type: DIMM
Memory Type: SDRAM (Sychronous DRAM)
Fault Tolerance Level: Registered
Speed (MHz): 133MHz
Number of Contacts: 168

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