Summary: NIS and Local

From: Rick McKinney <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 17:40:36 EDT
Thanx go out to everyone that gave helpful comments and to those who flamed me
for not being more specific in my question and who claimed I was lazy because
I didnt take to time to search the archives ...

here is a list of people .. they are not in any particular order .. so dont 
read into the order as being who was helpful and who was not ...

Brian D. Beers, Jay Lessert, Fabrice Guerini, Todd Urie, Tom Crummey, Glass, David ,Rob McCauley ,Andrew_Rotramel
Martin Schmitt ,Ted John, Brian Dunbar ,Deborah Santomauro
Michael Horton ,Scott D Thornberry ,Steve Mickeler ,Mark McManus

many of your suggested that the automounter was causing the problem

here is how the system was setup

local users --> /home/l/<username>
NIS users --> /home/a/<username>

notice the "l" and "a"

upon futher investigation I found that a several users was added by a new 
admin at the remote site ... he apparently didnt pay close attention to the 
add-user document and created the account without the "a" and "l" in the 
home directory path for the users ... and of course when those NIS users 
logged in /home got stompped

I will in the future pay more attention when I look at the df -k and the 
mount outputs for the actual mounted path of the user that is logged on

I guess I will need to put all the NIS maps and auto* stuff in the RCS and 
have a scipt that mails the admins when there is a change ...

-- rick 

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