SUMMARY (partial): How to map raw disk to Oracle data file

From: Andrew Diederich <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 14:41:03 EDT
The problem I'm still having is, now that I got oracle and Solaris installed
in a cluster, using raw disk on a T3 array, Oracle now says it needs a
logical volume.  This is weird, since the docs so far all ranted about raw
disk.  I think I just need to move my /oraclemount/datafile_xxx file under
/dev or /devices somehow.  AIX has a command "mkvl" to make a volume, so
that it creates the necessary inode bits.  Is there a solaris command like
this, or do I need to drop back to disksuite?

Or, can I somehow use the entries in /dev/did/rdsk?  I think these are
character devices -- is this what oracle is talking about?  I'd rather not
have to configure volume management software, and veritas is out of the
question for this right now.

The best answer I got from my original post was from Christian Nacca:

just link -  ln -s dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0  /oraclemount/datafile_xxx

since you got only 7 partitions per disk, and you would't want datafiles
bigger than 2g, plus ... you will problably want to use veritas (or
to create logical volumes.

--> ln -s dev/vx/rdsk/oracledg/oravol01 /oraclemount/datafile_xxx

with a hint from Nick Hindley:
Not in my experience.  all you have to do is make sure that the permissions
on the raw device are set correctly for exclusive access by the Oracle
processes and then use the create datafile statement 

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Subject: How to map raw disk to Oracle data file

I'm setting up a solaris and oracle cluster, but I've been hit by a
knowledge hole.  In the oracle documentation, it says to may the raw disk
(like /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0) to a file, like myname_system.dbf.  It implied
there was something called an ascii aliases file, that I assume did some of
this mapping?  

Basically, I think I understand conceptually what they're describing (like
the similarities between /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0 and /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0 and
/oraclemount), but I don't know _how_ to do it.  Has anyone done this
before, or can point me to the correct howto?
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