SUMMARY: live upgrade and recommended patch bundles

From: Geoff Lane <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 08:27:41 EDT
Thanks for all the replies.  They can be summerized by the following example
from Tim Evans...

Unpack your Recommended bundle, then cd into the directory it creates.

# luupgrade -t -s . -n Your_ABE_name `cat patch_order`

This has the advantage that the patches are applied in the recommended order.

A number of replies indicated that they too have found Live Upgrade to be
very useful.  It's certainly something we have asked Sun for over the years. 
When we used CDC7600's we used to prepare new OS versions online and just
reboot to make them active and were a bit surprised when we discovered that
such a useful facility wasn't available for Solaris.

Sorry the summary took so long -- we had to deal with a script kiddie making

> I'm experimenting with Live Upgrade (which, so far, seems excellent) and
> have reached the point where I'd like to apply a Recommended patch bundle to
> an alternative boot environment.
> Can I expect luupgrade to understand and auotmatically apply the contents of
> a Recommended patch bundle or do I have to apply the patches by hand (and in
> the correct order)?
> Thanks, summary will follow.
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