SUMMARY: 6800 Partition and Domain Cfg

From: Lin Feng <>
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 19:13:33 EST

Thanks for those who responded:     
  Justin Stringfellow  
  Doug Otto    
  Justin Stringfellow  
I may have missed one or two folks. Please forgive me.

A good answer was provided by Justin and is quoted in the following:

The "partition" _physically_ divides the hardware. You supply power 
to partitions, so it is possible to suffer a severe hardware issue 
(e.g. power 
fail) in a domain in one partition, and domains in the other partition 
to be 

Creating a domain across a partition doesn't make sense; the only 
reason the 
concept of partitions exists is to allow the user to divorce one domain 
another, e.g. for clustering within the same cabinet.
By segmenting or partitioning your Sun Fire, you place some repeater 
system boards, i/o etc into one partition, and the rest in the other. 
address buses are split so that each partition has a individual bus. 
physically cannot talk to each other, so domaining is impossible across 

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