SUMMARY : Using a X6541A (Sun HVD Dual SCSI PCI Card) on a Win2k PC

From: Ed Crotty <>
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 14:27:09 EST
Although no one can directly say, yes, this will work, the overall opinion is
that it should given the correct drivers.

People have given me leads as to the chipset used for the card and where to
get the associated drivers.

In the end, I have to side with one of the comments.  It's a $1000 card.
Leave it in the Sun and use it for something else and buy a simple $400 card
(such as the Adaptec AHA2944UW) for the PC.  I agree. :)

Thanks to -

Justin Stringfellow
Thomas Jones
Steve Camp
Alex Stade
Stephen Wolthusen

Here is a compilation of some of the direct replies I got -

It should work without too much, if any fuss.  The Sun X6541A PCI card is
a Qlogic card OEM'd by Sun.  It may have Sun firmware on it:  I am unsure
if this would cause any problems.

The SCSI drivers for the Qlogic card are most probably already included in
Win2K, otherwise, I think they are easily obtained from Qlogic's website.


While this card is based on the Symbios (now LSI) Logic 53C875 (a fairly
common chipset even for no-name cards - you can get drivers from a number
of vendors, IIRC W2K already supports this chipset out of the box. LSI have
their own drivers at, the
problem is with the BIOS. The PC needs a x86 BIOS (the Sun doesn't care for
it as long as it's not the boot device), and finding one and flashing it
may be a bit tricky.

It's probably a much better idea to buy an el cheapo (well, relatively
speaking) generic x86 host adapter -- that way you're not wasting the $1000

Original Question -

We are considering freeing up our 220R that is using Veritas Netbackup and
moving our P1000 over to a cheaper Dell Box (runing W2k) to free up the 220R
for more power hungry applications.

My question is :

Can I reuse the Sun X6541A PCI HVD SCSI card in a PCI slot on the Dell?  Are
there drivers for W2k for this card?


I will summarize.


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