SUMMARY: Users changing passwords _without_ telnet access

From: Neill, Mark (MBS) <>
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 13:05:31 EST
Thanks to a whole bunch of people...
Lee Trujillo, Brian Dunbar, Vern Walls, Gert-Jan Hagenaars, James Cayz, Ed
Rolison, Bob Boldin, Nicholas Dorfsman, Dennis Peterson, Brian Caitlin, <> , and
<> .
To clarify some info I didn't mention in the first post:  these users are
Informix Data Warehouse users.  They normally never log into the system, but
Informix is configured to use the Unix password file for user/pass
combinations.  I still have a problem of figuring out how to explain to them
how to update their ODBC settings, or even how to get to those settings,
since these workstations are pretty much completely locked down (custom
start ment, no RUN, no right-clicks), but that's for another group of
Between here and another source of computer information I frequent, I got
suggestions ranging from WebMin (
<>  - very cool, and I may install it on my home
server, but overkill for this purpose), a number of cgi scripts from
Freshmeat that don't compile right with Solaris' PAM implementation
(RedHat), and a note to look at the example passwd.cgi script that installs
with Expect.
The winner was Jesse Trucks, though, who reminded me that IE does one thing
correctly right out of the box - URL's in the form telnet://hostname
<telnet://hostname/>  are invoked through telnet.exe - which is not
deinstalled on these imaged workstations, simply unaccessible through the
normal Start Menu routes.
Thanks for the fast replies all - I was starting to get irritated with these
non-compiling programs :-)
Mark Neill, Cendant Mortgage <> 
Advanced Tech Services Specialist
Jacksonville, FL
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