SUMMARY: Solaris Resource Manager

From: Ben Falls <>
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 07:26:50 EST
Thanks to Doug and Andrew for their responses (see below). It Sounds like 
SRM is a good product that works as advertised. I am looking forward to 
working with it.

Andrew Stueve:
>From our experience, you should be at the latest patches - there have been 
locking issues with SRM that were causing our servers to just hang - would 
respond to a ping, but nothing else - couldn't even get a console response, 
or login from network. Only thing we could do was halt the system, and 
reboot. Specific to our environment - there is the fact that SRM is a hard 
limit. We are using Tomcat, and when the customer tries to do a compile, it 
would take much more memory than was allocated. Having watched the system, 
we know the users aren't using that much, so we limit customers to half of 
the memory - now they can do the compile, but no one customer can take over 
the machine.

Doug Granzow:
We use it here and fortunately have not had any real issues with its use. It 
works as advertised. There are a couple of things to understand when 
installing it.. here is a cut-and-paste from the internal documentation we 
have for it:
Different versions of Solaris Resource Manager (SRM) apply to different 
versions of Solaris.
SRM version 1.2 runs on Solaris 8
SRM version 1.1 runs on Solaris 7
SRM version 1.0 runs on Solaris 2.6
The SRM 1.2 CD-ROM contains all three versions and will automatically 
install the appropriate version.
Installation Notes
SRM must be installed in single user mode, and a reboot is required after 
installation. The following patches must be installed *before* installation 
of SRM:
Solaris 8:
no patches required
Solaris 7:
kernel patch 106541-04 or later
Solaris 2.6: check Sun documentation
Run /cdrom/srm_1_2/Installer to install SRM.
The following patches must be installed *after* installation of SRM (reboot 
again after these patches):
Solaris 8:
patch 111078-02 or later
Solaris 7:
patch 110489-05 or later
patch 109256-01 or later
Solaris 2.6:
check Sun documentation

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