PARTLY SUMMARY: Ultra1 flash update failed - how to recover ?

From: Peter Kunst <>
Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 20:36:17 EST
Peter Kunst wrote:
> just got an AXUS Ultra1 box (SUNW,501-2486, labeled "MB-ULTRA14") with a 200MHz
> CPU module (x1188a) installed and was about to install the latest flash-update,
> to be able to install Solaris8 on it, but erroneuosly installed the flash image
> for an Ultra1E. Yes, call me a moron, but... just in progress.

Thanks to AXUS support for providing me a 1:1 copy of the flash PROM.
I'm now searching for a local flash-programming ressource, since my
programming hardware seems not to be capable of burning AM29F400 devices,
even after soldering a custom DIL44-to-S044 adapter.

Summary and/or success story follows.

Thanks so far to:
Tony Walsh
Casper Dik
Simon Wu
Willie Flint

 Cheers, Peter Kunst
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