SUMMARY:E4500 side covers

From: Valeriy Glinskiy <>
Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 17:18:55 EST
Thanks to 
Deborah Crocker 
Mike Mazdeh
Darren Dunham 
Michael Kalus 
Gaziz Nugmanov 
"Weigert," Daniel
Troy Abernathy 
Paul LaMadeleine 
Michael Kalus 

Obviously, I did not try hard enough.
Those covers slide back. I had to use rubber hummer to push them.

original question
Hi, gurus!
I have SUN E4500 I want to put in "shark" rack, but I can not deattach side
covers. I checked sun website and
E4500 is shown without those covers. Could you, please, explain me how to
remove side covers or provide with link
to website?
Thanks in advance
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