SUMMARY:Do the Certification in Solaris Very much Essential

Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 00:38:48 EST
Dear sys admns,

Thank you very much. The list is simply wonderful. I got more than what I
expected. A lot of people have requested me to tell them what replies I have
received for my query. I am providing the replies as it is.

I would guess that this really depends on what the job market is like in your
local area. Here in the UK it doesn't seem to be that useful (although my
employer would probably not like me to say this).
If you're short on actual years in the job, then it may be a good way to prove
your expertise to a propective employer.

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I will give you a very straight answer:

 You can study the book and get the certification and put that on your resume
 and also tell your prospected employer about it but it all come down to one
thing: The interview!!!
  I explain what "The interview" mean....

 On your interview day your prospected employer will question you not on what
 you study to pass that certification test but on what is called real life.
You will be expected to
 perform at your level. That all  what matter. The certification is ok to have
-How could it hurt? no way in
 life you  will not get a job  because you have a certification BUT DON'T EVEN
THINK that because you have
 a certification you will be getting a job -unless your employer does not know
how to interview
 someone and they will think that because you have it certification you are
knowleadgeable enough.

 Trying to help,
 Vinnie German


If you are a good sysadmin, then certs really do not matter.  If you can
 prove yourself in the interview, then your fine.  If you are looking for
 government jobs, contracting positions are based on education/certification
 (more money to charge for a Certified Solaris Admin as compared to a non,
 with the same experience).  You are more valuable with as many certs to that
 type of company, but you also have to  know what your are doing.

 Paul A. Foti
 Systems Administrator


 I think the more general certification as a System Administrator from SAGE,
 the System Administrators Guild, is more useful and _much_ less expensive.
 I've taken the tests to become certified, as have many of my co-workers. This
 is a very new program, but I think it will be better than Solaris
 certification since it is more general, and also applies to other brands of


 It all depends, if someone cares for the ceritification paper then you are
 at loss of not being considered. I would suggest that if you are well
 prepared why not take it you have nothing to loose. By the way if I
 interview any candidate, I do not give much weight to the certification.



This is strictly my opinion, for what it's worth.

 Certifications are more helpful early in your career, it establishes a
 baseline level of knowledge that can not be automatically assumed to be
 present.  As you progress through your career, you'll find more emphasis on
 knowledge and achievements than certification.



 There are three Solaris courses I would take.  I don't have the course
 numbers handy but the names will do it for you:

   Solaris System Administration I
   Solaris System Administration II
   Solaris TCP/IP Administration

  Between those three you have a pretty good coverage of Solaris.

  But to get work as a Solaris sysadmin you need to combine that with other
skills.  Solaris by itself is fairly useless.

 The two major skills that are very marketable with Solaris are Oracle RDBMS
 and Veritas.

 Good luck,


I have worked in this field for 20 years and it seems experience is
 what is getting me
 new jobs, on the other hand for some one who is getting a new job, it might
 be useful.



 It's been my experience that the "certification" is looked upon as more of a
 "good for you" (it will impress the non-techies - ex. HR) but the technical
 people (the ones you are going to be working with) are more interested in
 do you know" and "what actual 'hands-on' experience" do you have. And don't
 forget that attitude is a major factor; if you are positive and show that you
 are a team player, this is what counts.



 yes it is needed.Without SUN you are incomplete.



 Management loves certification!

 Who will hire you?


 Management loves certification!

Hichael Morton


 If you don't have much experience, then maybe certification might
 help.  I've got no certification(s), but 12 years of experience.  Anybody
 who'd refuse to hire me because I wasn't "certified" isn't somebody I'd
 want to work for anyway...

 Kevin Buterbaugh

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