Summary: can't display netmasks(4) man page (on Solaris 7)

From: Spurgeon, John P <>
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 19:02:51 EST
Thanks to those who confirmed that the netmasks(4) man page is broken on
Solaris 7 and has been fixed in Solaris 8. I was at B&N today browsing
through the 3rd edition of  Unix System Administration Handbook when I ran
into a footnote that said just that (page 308, footnote 21). Deborah
Santomauro [] sent me a copy of
/usr/man/sman4/netmasks.4 from a Solaris 8 system. After reformatting the
text and comparing the files from Solaris 7 vs. Solaris 8, I noticed the
following differences:

Solaris 7: <!-- @(#)netmasks.4 1.27 98/06/08 SMI; -->
Solaris 8: <!-- @(#)netmasks.4 1.1 98/09/02 SMI; -->

Solaris 7: uses the tag "TargetDocEnt"
Solaris 8: uses the tag "targetdocent"

Solaris 7: uses tabs to separate the network and netmask columns in the
Solaris 8: uses spaces instead of tabs

It turns out that if you replace the tab characters with spaces, then the
Solaris 7 netmasks man page displays properly.

John Spurgeon
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