SUMMARY: RAID Manager v6.22.1 and mirroring for A1000's

From: Timothy Lorenc <>
Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 12:52:16 EST
Thanks everyone;

Looks like the A1000 is a self contained RAID solution. It is not like using
an AMI MegaRaid controller with multiple controllers that can be configured
to mirror all the hard drives attached to it. Apparently the intelligence of
the A1000 is not on the card (same one used for D1000's) but within the

Looks like I will need to use DiskSuite or Veritas. (and DiskSuite is the
winner since I already have it configured on this system)

Thanks go to:
Caparroso, Nelson T.
Michael Hocke
Darren Dunham

for their responses to my question; Thanks guys!

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Hello everyone;

I have two A1000's on separate controller cards.

I looked through the information in the release notes and the User's manual
for RAID Manager v6.22.1, but I could not find any reference to mirroring a
completely striped A1000 to the second A1000. Or, do I have to rely on
like DiskSuite or Veritas to provide that kind of functionality? Or, is
a completely different way of setting them up through RAID Manager that I am
not aware of?

Thank you for your response, I will summarize.

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