SUMMARY: dtlogin conundrum

From: Lee, Elizabeth <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 21:13:46 EST
Many thanks to all who responded:

kk downing []
Nadya Williams []
Harrington, David B (Contractor) []
Laurinda Chamberlin (3672) []
Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC) []
Casper Dik [Casper.Dik@Sun.COM]
Callum Hughes []
Jason Husk []
Isburgh, Nathan []

I loaded the Recommended Bundle and that solved the login problem.  (Patches
are your friends.)  I also used Casper Dik's instructions for changing the
greeting string in dtlogin.  Nathan Isburgh mentioned that turning the
warning banner into a background for dtlogin would work, so I used xv to
capture the banner and saved it as a huge bitmap.  I inserted a statement in
/etc/dt/config/Xsetup to test != dtremote and run an xsetroot to display the
banner before the login box appears.  It ain't pretty, but it is what the
customer requested.  I think I can tweak the bitmap to tidy it up, but all
in all, it is good to leave for the day, having solved that login problem
(that's been around forever!) and having succeeded with the banner.

Thanks for everyone's input.

Annette Lee, aka Elizabeth
Monterey California

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My original posts:

To all the folks who have kindly replied that I must set xhost, that
requires being logged in.  (!!!)  logging in is what I am trying to do.  I
did insert xhost + localhost into /etc/profile, but it made no difference.
I also checked permissions on /dev/console, and they look appropriate.
/dev/console is not commented out in /etc/default/login.  Still working on
this -- thinking about loading the latest recommended bundle if I can
convince others it is worth it (patches are a tough sell here).

Solaris 6 on an Ultra 2 105181-16 (a little dated, I know):

This system is a server for a number of xterms running CDE, and there are no
problems with the remote connections. However, when I try to locally login
onto the console using dtlogin (as root or myself),  the screen goes white,
then dark with the hourglass, then right back to the dtlogin.  Errors in

AUDIT: Tue Mar 26 19:32:39 2002: 29633 Xsun: client 2 rejected from local
Xlib:  connection to ":0.0" refused by server 
Xlib:  Client is not authorized to connect to Server 
Error: Can't open display: :0

I am able to login via command line successfully.  I was certain that I had
seen this problem discussed several times, but I cannot find a solution in
the archives or on SunSolve that tracks with my situation.  The only
modification I have made in the config files was months ago:   a minor
addition to Xstartup to display a warning banner.  The Ultra 2 was behaving
like this way before I added the warning banner;  in the past it has been
considered only a minor annoyance that we could not use the cde login on the
console, but I now have need to do testing for X changes on the local host.
Any similar experiences out there and (hopefully) solutions?  

As an added attraction:

I have been tasked to make the warning banner appear on the dtlogin window
OR _before_ that window.  Any success out there with similar endeavors?

Annette Lee, aka Elizabeth
Monterey California

Excellence is a journey, not a destination.
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