Summary: Installing a Netra X1 from the net

From: Andreas Hoeschler <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 07:08:49 EST
Thanks to
 Pierre Zimmermann <>

Setting up an install server turned out to be a littel tricky. The info
given in the sun documentation was not sufficient. The document gave me what I needed.

Setup a Sun Blade 100 as an install server for a Netra X1 using Media
Kit 02/02 Sparc.

InstallServer shall be the install server and CentauriA the netra. First
determine the ether address of the netra with the "banner" command at
the ok prompt. Then make sure the config files on the install server
have the following entries.

/etc/hosts       localhost    InstallServer   loghost    CentauriA

0:3:ba:f:d3:f CentauriA

bootparams: files

On the server
	# mkdir /var/Solaris8
	<insert CD Solaris 8 Software 1>
	# cd /cdrom/sol_8_202_sparc/s0/Solaris_8/Tools
	# ./setup_install_server /var/Solaris8
	# eject
	<insert CD Solaris 8 Software 2>
	# cd /cdrom/sol_8_202_sparc_2/Solaris_8/Tools
	# ./add_to_install_server /var/Solaris8
	# cd /var/Solaris8/Solaris_8/Tools
	# ./add_install_client CentauriA sun4u

On the client
	ok boot net
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