SUMMARY: Sendmail Stuck in Queue

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Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 14:06:50 EST
Thanks to all who responded.
The answer I was looking for came from Jason.Shatzkamer who wrote:

It depends on what version of sendmail that you use but here are two
different versions where you can edit the following in the
# load average at which we just queue messages
#O QueueLA=8

** To set QueueLA, first I'd find out what my typical load average is with
sar, and set the value greater than that, and then
** uncomment the O line...
** For my system, we are constantly hammered with transactions and
reporting, so we are almost always running...
** at 90-100%, so I had to set this value to 100 to ensure that time
sensitive mailings would come and go as expected...

# load average at which we refuse connections
#O RefuseLA=12

** The RefuseLA is a new one to me, but I imagine it is the inverse
threshhold of QueueLA. To be safe, and to ensure email...
** delivery, I'd set this to 100 to make sure that sendmail never refuses
correspondence on its own. If you should ever need...
** to stop sendmail, it's as simple as issuing a sendmail stop; I like to
able to assume that if I have a program running, it's running :-)
** Don't forget to uncomment the O line here, too...

Or for another version:

# Set "Queueing Only" load average threshhold

Underneath it will be a value that looks like 0x and 2 numbers....

This tells sendmail that while the machine is operating at above the
specified activity threshhold it should not send large emails that are
sitting in the queue. It does this to try to alleviate the strain on the

To resolve this issue, change the 0x value to 0x100 (sendmail will ALWAYS
release emails from the queue), or some other threshhold value of your

The original question:

     We currently have an E4500 SunOS Server with Solaris8 and Sendmail v8.
The problem is that sometimes mail will get stuck in /var/spool/mqueue for
a long time or until I run a sendmail -q command which then sends it out. I
have tried /usr/lib/sendmail -bp to verify if there are any error messages
and checked syslog which just tell me it is in queue.
     I have read that Sendmail has locking mechanisms to prevent
concurrency issues and one of the most widely used solution to this is to
add /usr/lib/sendmail -q to the cron. I just want to know if there is
another way to fix this? Maybe something I can edit? The current process
running is /usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q15m.
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