SUMMARY: Processes in Solaris Operating Env.

Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 12:03:50 EST
It is very kind of every one who responded:

Hichael Morton <>
Sanjiv K. Bhatia <>
Edward Scown <>

It was suggested to refer freely downloadable books from, get a
list of books from
Other sites are,

Mr. Sean suggested me to boot the system in single user mode, dump a ps
output to a file, and then do man
 pages on each entry to find out what they are used for.

Mr. Sanjiv K.Bhatia has informed the following, which is very much helpful.
There are four process states as given by ps: R, S, T, Z

 R is Running
S is Sleeping
T is Traced (the code is being traced/debugged)
Z is Zombie

 As a sys admin, you do not have to worry about them.  The zombie process
not take up any resources, except for an entry in process table.  You should
worried if you have too many zombies.  When the parent of a zombie
zombie automatically dies (init kills it).

Thanks everyone again,


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Subject: Processes in Solaris Operating Env.

> Respected Sun Managers:
> I am a budding sys. admn.
> What are all the different processes involved in Solaris Operating
> Environment. What is the significance and relevence of these processes. I
> know Zombie process is one of them. Name others and any
> material / web site links to get much insight into these processes.
> Will summarize.
> Sunil
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