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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 05:46:37 EST
Hi !
Many thanks to all who responded. It was a general consensus: If I need File
Systems over 1TB I have to switch to QFS (Quality File System) marketed
nowadays by Sun.
Roger Klorese was also nice  to explain me how can a 2TB file fit in 1TB
file system. Only if it's a sparse file !
Find below his explanation:

	It makes a lot of sense, actually.

	A 2TB file might be sparse and only contain a few KB of data blocks
	scattered over the address range.

	VxFS allows each file to contain a maximum extent map of 2TB.

	The backing store for all of the files in a file system cannot
exceed 1TB;
	the rest of the extents for all files must be unallocated (zeroes).

	You can store a lot of *sparse* 2TB files in a 1TB file system.
Thanks Roger !

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> Subject:	Maximum Veritas Filesystem size question
> Dear managers and Veritas guru's,
> I need to create a 2 TB filesystem and perform some application tests on
> it.
> I'm using Solaris 8, Veritas Volume Manger 3.1 and Veritas Filesystem 3.4.
> I have latest patches applied. I was able to create a 2.8 TB  veritas
> volume, but when I tried to create the filesystem, I got the message that
> the maximum size is 1TB. I created an 1 TB version 4 vxfs on that volume
> (with largefiles support) without any problem, but I would like to
> overcome this limitation if possible. Checking Veritas documentation I
> found this:
> Version 4 is the new and default VxFS disk layout. This disk layout
> encompasses all file system structuralinformation in files, rather than at
> fixed locations on disk, allowing for greater scalability.It adds support
> for:
> - files up to 2 terabytes
> - file systems up to 1 terabyte
> - Access Control Lists
> The Version 4 disk layout was designed to allow the file systemto scale
> easily to accommodate large files and large file systems.
> My question(s) is(are):
> 1. What is the point to support files up to 2 TB and filesystems up to 1
> TB only. I never heard one could span a file over multiple filesystems.
> 2. Are there patches or other filesystem layouts (like Andrews File System
> or UFS+) to go over 1TB limit ?
> Regards,
> George Done
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