SUMMARY: Multiprocessor question / Whats the deal with the V880

From: Daniel Denes <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 11:37:28 EST
Late enough, here comes my summary for this topic. Thanks go out to:
John Martinez, Paul Norton, Sergio Novaes, John Malick,Doug Granzow, Benjamin
Ritcey, Scott Howard, Petri Kallberg, Steve Camp and Justin Stringfellow.

Overall result was
- the V880 is a nice server with a good price/performance ratio, if you dont
need maximum availability
- when a CPU fails, the OS will most likely crash, reboot and isolate the
failing part.
- for real high availability, best solution would maybe be to buy 3 V880's and
having them mirror and monitor each other.

For me the main information was of great value - i can live with a short
downtime, but i want the system to come back immediately, isolating the bad

Thanks to all who helped, this list is exceptional.

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