SUMMARY: NFS performance problem

From: John P Connor <>
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 11:04:52 EST

Thanks to all those who responded to my question. The answer, really, seems 
to be "don't do it like that anyway". This is a point of view I can 
appreciate, but I really had no option but to split the servers the way I 
explained, for various performance-related reasons. Many people also 
suggested using quotas, requiring Unix users to be set up. This is also not 
an option. All our user data is stored in Oracle.

The most helpful suggestion (and one I wish I'd thought of!) was to run rsh 
du -k, which would locally perform the stat()s on the store server and not 
over NFS. This has proved a great success.

We're hoping to move to a commercial filer solution later in the year, 
although I now wish to perform some rigorous NFS testing before committing 
to this.

I have a call open with Sun on this now. If they come up with any more 
useful information which fixes the underlying problem, I will re-summarise.


John P Connor
Lead Systems Engineer
ICL e-Innovation Internet Services
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