SUMMARY: How to duplicate old 1/4" bootable QIC-24 tape cartridge

From: Tony Tran <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 20:15:14 EST
Many thanks to:

Dan <>
Bernhard Sadlowski <sadlowsk@Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
"Doug Otto" <>
Steve Sandau <>
"Jay Chembakassery" <>
Tim Scanlon <>

Almost everyone recommended using "dd(1M)" utility to create
an image on disk and then copy the image back to the blank tape

As Jay put it:

"Insert the catridge and  (make sure that the tape is in readonly mode
avoid accidental writes)

#dd if=/dev/rmt0 of=/var/tmp/tape bs=64k

Insert the blank tape,
#mt -f /dev/rmt/0 rewind

#dd if=/var/tmp/tape  of=/dev/rmt0

Note:- I assume that /dev/rmt0 is your tape drive device. If not, use
appropriate one.

Bernhard suggest using tcopy in Solaris 8 iff you have 2 tape cartridges

on line (this is not the case). He said there was a bug in tcopy
in Solaris 2.6: It only copies the first file on tape.

Steve Sandau and Doug Otto mentioned about a utility called "copytape":
"I was able (using copytape on a Linux box) to copy an image of my SunOS

4.0.3 tapes (1/4" 60M carts) to a file and then onto another tape.

I found "copytape" at :

I edited line 152 so perror didn't complain about too many arguments. (I

just removed the first argument in parentheses if memory serves.) Then I

was able to compile it on Linux. I did not try Solaris. The copytape
package includes a man page. I don't remember the syntax, but it was in
the man page and it was pretty simple"


- Original question: -
I have a customer who would like to find out if it is possible to
duplicate an old 1/4" SunOS 4.1E QIC-24 format for an old configuration
with a SS1 with 1 cartridge drive (Wangtek). He does have a 60MB blank
cartridge. The original cartridge has part number 700-8030-02 Rev B
SunOS 4.1.E on it.
If not, is there an outside vendor who specializes in tape duplication
that you would recommend?
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