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From: Leslie Connally <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 15:30:07 EST
SUMMARY  D1000 -> A1000
"Can I upgrade a D1000 to an A1000 by simply replacing the D1000s SCSI I/F
with the A1000s RAID Controller?"

Thanks to everyone who replied

First I want to apologize for such a poorly phrased question. More on this

But the answer is this:


The A1000 Controller Module is functionally dimensionally identical to the
"375-0008 Differential SCSI Controller"  of the D1000, and the two can be
easily swapped. They share identical electrical/IF connections into the
chassis. The D1000 chassis is identical to the A1000 chassis.

An important point, however, that many of you pointed out, is that the
D1000 has a Dual-Bus Controller, while the A1000 is Single Bus. Thus, if
the box is in a working environment (as many of you assumed) with both
buses implemented, a straight 'swap' would NOT be possible.

Now, what I did not explain, is that I have a D1000 with NO controller at
all, and I was simply trying to determine if the A1000 Controller would
even FIT and if so, function, because I had a lead to acquire an A1000
Controller module.

I think my choice of the phrase 'SCSI I/F' confused things as well. I felt
silly calling the "375-0008 Differential SCSI Controller" of the D1000 a
'controller' or even a 'module', so I called it an I/F... sorry if this
confused anyone. In my mind I meant the entire I/O assembly, and by 'A1000s
RAID Controller' I meant the entire assembly.

There is a Sun pdf for this: "Sun StorEdge D1000 to A1000 Upgrade" named
805-4749-10.pdf (sorry I dont have a url to it)

Also, to manage the A1000, RAID Manager 6.1.1 Software is required.

> Can I upgrade a D1000 to an A1000 by simply replacing the D1000s SCSI I/F
> with the A1000s RAID Controller?

Thank you  John Martinez <>, "Timothy Lorenc"
<>,  Chintu <>,,, Steve Camp
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Bill Bradford <> aka
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