SUMMARY II corn jobs

From: Li, Zhen <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 11:11:05 EST

A big thank  you to Fabrice Guerini.   After I sent out my first
summary, Fabrice  suggested using gcore to get a core image of the cron
daemon, then inspect the memory contents.   It requires some twisting,
but the result should be valid

Thanks again,


My original posting:

Hi Sunmanagers,

Other than relying on crontab or cron log file, is there a way to check
what cron jobs are running on a solaris8 machine?



My first summary:

Thanks everyone who has replied, the list will be too long to post it

Most people suggested that check /var/spool/cron/crontabs/*,   but my
concern is that those files,  as well as the cron logs file,  are
edit-able without notifying cron daemon, and cron daemon only read
crontab files when it starts up or when you use crontab -e or at
command,  so  those crontab files may not reflect what are really
running by cron.

Several people also suggested that there is no way to find out of what
is really running by cron, assuming that  we don't trust crontab files.
I guess I will take this as an answer.

Thanks again,

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