SUMMARY: Date Weirdness

From: Opeth <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 20:59:56 EST
My original post is below. Here are the replies I received:

1) The time of shutdown is stored in the filessytem superblock
2) contact the software vendor or the guys who wrote the license software
3) request a new license once you fix the date
4) Can you tell me which software you are using so I can avoid it?

Thanks to the following for the replies:
Casper Dik
Brian Dunbar
Michael Connolly
Gert-Jan Hagenaars


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> Subject: Date Weirdness
> Does the date on a Sun Ultra-2 get stored anywhere other than the place it
> gets stored when you set the date with 'date'? We have some software that
> the license is very restrictive of the date. For example, if the date gets
> set ahead (in the future), you cannot set the date back afterward and have
> the software work - you get an Invalid License error. The only way to
> correct it is to set the date back ahead and use the future date, thus
> losing some of the days left before the license expires.
> Today, when the machine was booted it said "WARNING: Last shutdown is
> than time-of-day chip; check date".
> As far as I know, the date wasn't changed by anyone else. However, now the
> license on the machine is "Invalid" since it thinks the date is being set
> back. I had to move the day ahead in order to get it to work. The SCSI
> drives themselves don't have a way of keeping the date, do they?
> This is really strange and I'm trying to pinpoint what caused the problem
> and where the "future" date came from. Moving the date ahead stinks
> then we lose days left on the license.
> Thanks!
> -sr
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