SUMMARY: pkgadd pre or post install scripts.

From: McCaffity, Ray (Contractor) <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 12:45:45 EST
Thanks to James Zhao, Ed Rolinson, and Andrew Caines
The answer is to define the type as "preinstall" or "postinstall" in your
proto file.

This was also a very helpful link from Ed.

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Subject: pkgadd pre or post install scripts.

After some playing around, I've figured out how to make Sun packages,
and the pkgadd seems to work pretty well.  I've noticed a lot of packages
do something called a post-install script, or sometimes evens a pre-install
These appear to be simple shell scripts.  My question is, how does your
tell pkgadd when and how to run these scripts?

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